By maintaining your water heater every year, you can definitely take part in prolonging its life. However, there’s a possibility that you’ll need to get your current tank replaced with a new unit once you live in a particular residence for over 8 years. Thus, as a homeowner, you need to know the red flags that could mean that you need to get water heater repairs Longview TX ASAP. Here are some of these warning signs that you need to look out for: 


Water heater leaking 

While your water heater is closing to its end, there will be a greater possibility that you’ll observe water appearing on the floor surrounding your water heater tank. Once you can notice water, it usually indicates that there’s leaking going on. 

Based on where you’ve placed the water heater within your home, a leak could lead to significant property damage. In fact, a serious water heater leak is the most hazardous issue that could ever happen to your unit.  

Water heater noise 

One more warning sign that your water heater is hailing is when you can hear a strange noise from the tank. While the heater ages, you can start to hear rumbling noises that get louder and louder while the tank heats the water.  

If you’re in a household that consumes a great quantity of hot water, this issue can be aggravated as soon as the cause takes hold. Generally, the noise you hear from your water heaters is because of various causes and sediment buildup is most likely the culprit.  

Rusty heater inlet valve or water 

Even if tough steel is the most durable material on earth, it also has its weakness—rust. Once a steel surface starts to corrode, it slowly eats and spreads through certain areas of the steel. Just remember that once your steel tanks and water pipes are having rust, consider that as a red flag, which means that you need to have them checked by a trusted plumber.  

However, it can be challenging to determine if the rust comes from the pipes leading to your faucet or from the water heater itself. In most cases, rust is an immediate issue that should be dealt with right away to uphold your household’s sanitation.  

Too old water heater 

Nothing can last for a lifetime, including water heaters. Throughout the duration of your stay in your home, a homeowner will eventually face a certain point where you’ll be required to change your water heater. But, a lot of property owners don’t know when their water heaters’ expiration dates are. So, it’s really important to take note of this information. Otherwise, it can pose severe risks once the heater begins to act up because of old age.  

The water heater isn’t heating 

Hot and warm water are among the most essential necessities in households. Without them, you can’t take showers or wash your hands, nor run your laundry machine, or clean dishes. So, once you observe that your water heater isn’t heating, it’s time to contact your plumber and have it checked and repaired ASAP.