Read this article to know the following things that you need to look for as you purchase fresh and high-quality meals: 

The storage 

The freezer and fridge storage are some of the things that most people fail to pay attention to as they shop for fresh meat. This matters most because the regulation of temperature within a facility is key to guarantee that the meat will always be fresh. Once you can see that the fridges are a bit warmer than it’s supposed to be or when you can see dripping water from the freezers, they may not be that fresh as of this time.? 

Meat texture 

Beef must be dry, dense, and firm. The muscle fibers need to be uniform and tightly packed. Once the meat looks like it will fall apart, that could happen because of poor quality or poor handling. Moreover, poultry meat must be dry and firm. Once the meat is sticky and slimy, then make sure to search for other meat shops. This stands for all meat types, regardless if you are purchasing pork, chicken, lamb, or beef.? 

Meat fat 

Meat with fat streaks and white flecks distributed all over the muscle will be tender and juicier. This fat is termed marbling. Take note that the finer the marbling of the meat, the tastier it will be. The best meat widely known for its tenderness, flavor, and marbling is known as the Wagyu beef. Though these meat types are on the more expensive side.? 

Meat surface 

Once you try to take a look at red meat, you will see fibers of the meat. The fiber grain that you see can help you determine whether the meat is tender or tougher. Coarse meat grains that have several apparent muscle fibers only means that the meat is tough and has rich flavors. For slow and low cooking, it’s best to select such cuts. As you purchase beef tenderloin, you can see that these grains aren’t present. If this is the case, it means that this type of meat will be tender once cooked.? 

The smell 

Not all of us like the odor of fresh meat. Hence, a lot of home chefs find it hard to determine whether the odor that they smell now is spoiled or just a normal funk of raw meat. However, the smell is still one of the greatest means to know if the meat is still fresh. When you smell a rotten or pungent smell, then refuse to choose that meat.? 

The color of the meat 

The right color will be based on what meat type you will buy. For red meat, it must have a dark color that can differ between brown, red, and purple. When the meat’s color is brown, it only implies that it’s been subjected to oxygen. Though it’s still safe to consume this meat. Meanwhile, game meat must be dark brown in color and pork meat should have a blushing and light pink color.? 

All of this should be done while shopping for meat. However, if you can’t go out today, you can always contact the most reliable?online butcher?who can have the high-quality meat of your choice delivered right to your doorstep.